Call for Papers

Requirements and guidance for submitting papers

The submission site is closed since March 5th, 2016. The next call for papers will be announced here. Please find the previous announcement below for your reference.


We invite submissions on topics including:

  • Surgical decision support
  • Context awareness in surgery
  • Surgical workflow optimization
  • Surgical training
  • Surgical quality analysis
  • Surgical skill assessment
  • Surgical data mining
  • Surgical ontologies
  • Recognition of surgical actions and events

To encourage discussion on both mature and early stage ideas, we will accept two paper types:


Present your ongoing research on a dedicated aspect of surgical data science following the classical format of (Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion). Please put emphasis on challenges and bottlenecks to progress. 4-6 pages Springer format.


Present new ideas for applications or methods in the area of surgical data science. Illustrations with figures and functional diagrams. 2-4 pages Springer format.


Papers should be formatted in Lecture Notes in Computer Science style. LaTeX style files can be found on the Springer website, which also contains instructions for MS Office Word.